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Lab Series MAX LS Anti-Age Water Lotion 200ml

Lab Series MAX LS Anti-Age Water Lotion 200ml

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The key structural components of men's skin start declining earlier than women's, with more noticeable effects in aging. Our new complex visibly targets skin's structural integrity for features that appear more defined and boosts cellular energy.

​Max LS Water Lotion Toner's dual action smooths, refreshes, tones the skin, while offering anti-aging benefits.​

​Right after cleansing, Max LS Water Lotion Toner prepares your skin and improves the absorption of the following skincare products.

Used daily, it replenishes and strengthens men's skin moisture barrier, instantly increasing moisturization by 204%* and leaving your skin 3 times more hydrated and visibly radiant!

​Max LS Water Lotion Toner results include a healthier appearance, visibly reduced fine lines and smoother-looking skin. Start your day looking good. End your day feeling great!

Dispense the Water Lotion Toner into the palm of hand and apply to face and neck, morning and night, after cleansing or shaving. Follow with Max LS Serum and/or Lotion.

Max LS Water Lotion contains a new power technology featuring a combination of ingredients that work in synergy to visibly target skin structural integrity for features that appear more defined.

Oligopeptides help increase skin’s natural production of collagen, elastin and fibronectin, the 3 key extracellular proteins that maintain skin’s structure.

Our 5% [NIACINAMIDE + RESVERATROL] complex boosts cellular energy and helps visibly-tired skin recover faster, to reduce the appearance of dry, fine lines, wrinkles, and improve lack of elasticity and sagging. 

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