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Enprani Premier Collagen Skincare 3pc Set

Enprani Premier Collagen Skincare 3pc Set

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The Enprani Premier Collagen Skincare 3pc set is perfect for those looking to restore youthful vibrancy to their skin. The special collagen blend helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and moisture content, and even improve skin tone for a healthy complexion. Adenosine fortifies the collagen blend to amplify wrinkle-fighting and skin suppleness, giving you the confidence to look your best.

This set includes:
1 Premier Collagen Skin Toner 125ml
1 Premier Collagen Emulsion 125ml
1 Premier Collagen Nutrtion Cream 50 ml

How to Use
Apply the skin toner first, then nutrtion cream and finish with emulsion.
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