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DEARDERM Suwall Luxury Hair Color Cream - 4S (Brown)

DEARDERM Suwall Luxury Hair Color Cream - 4S (Brown)

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A popular hair color among many professional hair salons, Dearderm Suwall Luxury Hair Color Cream utilizes squid ink extract and natural oils like Olive and Jojoba for natural shine and hair care. Additionally, included traditional Korean medicinal herbs are used in Korean haircare for centuries. This all-in-one DIY kit is easy to use, with no ammonia, odor, or eye irritation, plus a bigger size compared to other similar products. We highly recommend our luxurious hair color creams.

How to Choose a Color
4S (Brown): A small amount of white hair is dyed with a nice brown color.
5S (Natural Brown): Some white hair is dyed in natural brown.
6S (Dark Brown): White hair is dyed with a naturally dark brown color.
7S (Black): A large amount of white hair is dyed in natural black.

***The color of the selected hair dye may vary depending on dyeing time, hair condition, and temperature condition.***

Product Composition
Color 120g

Developer 120g
Mixing Container
Vinyl Glove
Hair Coloring Capes Wrap
Product Manual

How To Use

1. Select the desired color.

2. Put on the supplied vinyl gloves.

3. In a separate bowl, mix the creams from tubes 1 and 2 in a 1:1 ratio. Any unused cream in the tubes can be saved and reused later. Discard leftover mixed dye.

4. Start applying the dye to your hair, making sure to work from the roots down. Apply the mixture in a massaging motion, working it through your hair. Let the dye sit in the hair for 20-30 minutes. If the dye gets on your skin (face, neck, or ear area), wipe immediately with a wet towel or cloth.

5. With the gloves still on, rinse with water until all the dye is removed from the hair, or until the water runs clear. Once the dye is all out, shampoo and rinse thoroughly. avoid getting dye runoff in your eyes, as it may lead to irritation.

6. After rinsing hair thoroughly, dry hair completely to prevent the transfer of color to clothes or other fabric. The effectiveness of the hair dye will dependent on hair condition, original hair color, indoor temperature, and coloring duration. If the temperature, and coloring duration. If the temperature inside is cool, leave the dye in the hair for a few more minutes.

1. Read and understand the manual thoroughly before use.
2. Be sure to do a skin test (patch test) before use for allergic reactions.
3. Be careful not to get a hair wash liquid into your eyes.
4. After dyeing, rinse your hair thoroughly.
5. Discard the remaining mixture after use.
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