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DEARDERM Powercell Homme Skincare Set

DEARDERM Powercell Homme Skincare Set

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Enjoy a healthier, smoother, and younger-looking complexion with Dearderm's Powercell Homme Skincare Set. Its moisturizing extracts and ingredients vitalize rough skin from shaving, while its toner helps to quickly relax and protect irritated skin. Refresh your complexion with this passionate skincare set. This revolutionary 2-pc set of skincare for men promises all-day hydration for any skin type. Its controlled release system prevents greasiness, delivering essential vitamins and moisture for long-lasting nourishment.

Powercell Toner - 150ml
Powercell Toner is packed with moisturizing ingredients and natural extracts. Its toner helps boost the skin's elasticity and vitality while protecting it from the effects of shaving. Get smoother, healthier-looking skin with visible results in just days.

Direction: After cleansing or shaving the face, apply the toner and let it absorb into the skin by gently patting it on the face.

Powercell Lotion - 150ml
This high-performance lotion is formulated with natural hydrating ingredients that help moisturize and revitalize dry, dull skin. A soft texture and refreshing scent provide a comfortable feeling while balancing natural oils to keep both oily and dry skin hydrated for up to 8 hours.

Direction: After applying the toner, apply the lotion to the skin.

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