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DEARDERM Facial Massage Cream - Hyaluronic Acid

DEARDERM Facial Massage Cream - Hyaluronic Acid

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Hyaluronic Acid improves dry skin and combines a golden extract that conditions the skin and quickly restores tired skin. Enriched with vegetable oil, olive oil, and canola oil which are skin-friendly and unsaturated fatty acids, these stimulate the metabolism.

Marine Collagen is effective for skin repair and moisturizing. It improves dry skin and quickly regenerates tired skin by combining golden extract and peony extract which gives conditioning to the skin.

Retinol revitalizes, soothes, and brightens the skin through various functions such as exfoliation, anti-oxidation, and skin regeneration. This improves dry skin and quickly revives tired skin by combing golden and peony extracts that condition the skin.

Directions: After washing your face, make sure your face is completely dried before applying this product. After using the product on the face, leave it on for one to two minutes for the cream to soak in. Gently massage after one to two minutes, after finishing gently wipe the residue with a tissue or a towel. You can also use this on your body too!

You can use it on the body too!

Volume: 300G / 10.6 FL. OZ

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