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CALLAS Retractable Kabuki Powder Brush (CMBR-01)

CALLAS Retractable Kabuki Powder Brush (CMBR-01)

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Callas Retractable Kabuki Powder Brush is created with a 100% synthetic wool blend, designed to effectively capture and apply the powder evenly. Its two-tone, soft, and round Kabuki-style tip allows for optimal coverage and a smooth application. Its retractable cover helps maintain the shape of the bristles, making it a practical item to have while traveling.

Hair Diameter: 30pi
Hair Length: 33mm
Total Length: 89mm

How to Use
Load up the brush with powder and shake away excess. Sweep onto the skin.

Always clean brushes for longer life. Use a brush cleanser or soap with warm water. Dry thoroughly before use.
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