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CALLAS Primer Plus - Green (Oily & Sensitive)

CALLAS Primer Plus - Green (Oily & Sensitive)

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Callas Primer Plus GREEN - Blemish Control Makeup Base for Sensitive Skin
The Callas Primer Plus GREEN is formulated to reduce wrinkles and promote an even skin tone, creating a smooth base for makeup that lasts longer. This lightweight and breathable primer, specifically designed for reducing redness and blotchiness, offers excellent benefits. Infused with Vitamin E (tocopherol), it aids in healing and counteracting the aging effects caused by environmental factors.

While concealing pores, wrinkles, and uneven skin is important, it is only part of the solution. Merely hiding imperfections can potentially aggravate the skin. The blend of Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, and Hinoki in CALLAS Primer Plus GREEN works to disinfect, soothe, and treat sensitive skin that is easily irritated and prone to acne. This primer goes beyond superficial appearances and focuses on addressing the needs of your skin.

Coverage: Medium, covers pores, evens skin tone, breathable
Finish: Green primer reduces red skin tones and blotches
Best Uses: For sensitive skin and acne-prone skin, perfect before the foundation

Callas PRIMER Plus PURPLE - Tone Brightener Makeup Base for Normal Skin
Callas Primer Plus PURPLE minimizes wrinkles and evens skin tone to prepare your face for smoother, longer-lasting makeup. Primer Plus PURPLE is lightweight and breathable. PURPLE is excellent for dull, tired, and blotchy skin tones. Vitamin E (tocopherol) helps heal and reverse environmental aging effects.

Covering dark spots, pores, and wrinkles is only half the equation. Simply hiding imperfections can further congest the skin. Vitamin C, E & Licorice blend slows oxidation, brightens tired skin, and heals from the inside out. CALLAS Primer Plus PURPLE is about more than appearances.

Coverage: Medium, brightens, evens skin tone, breathable
Finish: Purple primer reduces yellow-grey tones & dull blotches
Best Uses: For normal skin, perfect before the foundation

How to Use
Use either with the tip of your fingers or a sponge to gently pat the application to the face. In sensitive areas, use pressing techniques. Adjust the amount as desired. Apply for Callas Foundations or Callas BB Creams for better results.

Volume: 1.76fl.oz/50ml

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