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CALLAS Eyelash Curler with 2 Extra Refill Pads

CALLAS Eyelash Curler with 2 Extra Refill Pads

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Elevate your look with Callas Eyelash Curler! Crafted with high-quality materials and made in Korea, this curler will have you blinking with beauty — and the two extra refill pads mean no more worrying about replacements. Look stunning, feel confident, and express your individual style with this must-have beauty essential!

How To Use
Open eyes widely and put Callas Eyelash Curler at the base of the lash line. Firmly hold handles and squeeze gently. Hold a few seconds and release slowly.

Apply a few coats of Callas Mascara after curling for better hold. In cold weather, use a blow dryer to gently warm the curler (Should not be hot). 

Wipe Callas Eyelash Curler with a dry cloth each time after use. For thorough cleaning: Remove rubber pads. Use Callas Makeup Remover Wipes. Make sure it is completely dry before use.

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