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Lab Series Daily Rescue Water Lotion 200ml

Lab Series Daily Rescue Water Lotion 200ml

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Men's skin fact: Due to their thicker skin, men's skin metabolism requires more energy to function properly. To avoid damaging side-effects that can cause premature signs of aging, it is important to simultaneously stimulate and protect the skin.

Formulated with our new 4% Niacinamide + Resveratrol complex, and combined with our upgraded Hydra5GTechnology™, the new Daily Rescue Water Lotion is the instant boost you need to restore and maintain optimal skin cell function and levels.

Used daily, this hydrating toner activates meaningful, faster skin recovery and regulates energy pathways. Extend your skin's youth capital for a healthier, smoother, and rested appearance. The results are clear: Intensely hydrated, energized skin for a more hydro-plumped and healthier look.

SKIN TYPE: All skin types. Dermatologist tested.

In an effort to take care of the environment like we take care of men's skin, we've packaged our new, improved formula you love in a more sustainable packaging.

Dispense product into hands and apply to face and neck morning and night after cleansing and before moisturizer. Use post-shave for a soothing, smooth refresh.

Our new advanced technology contains a 4% Niacinamide + Resveratrol complex for optimal skin function, and to protect it against external aggressors. Its formula supports clean and more efficient energy production, to help tired skin recover faster and look healthier, longer. Combined with our upgraded Hydra5G Technology™, a powerful blend of humectants and moisturizers, the new Daily Rescue Water Lotion hydrates, energizes, smoothens and strengthens the protective skin barrier. Used daily, this lightweight lotion activates meaningful, faster skin recovery, and regulates energy pathways.

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